Small-scale web design & development with a simplistic approach.
(By a guy named John Ellis)

Because this is 2018 and there's no excuse for convolution on the internet. Your site needs to be easy for visitors to navigate, for you to update, and to show off whatever it is you have to show off, without the bullshit.


I'll take your objectives for your site and translate them into a clear (and therefore kick-ass) visual presentation.


The boring, nerdy, engineering part of every project, but hey - where would we be as a society without engineering?


Sometimes you just need some straight-up knowledge dropped on your project. I can do that too.

View my résumé, if that's your cup'o'tea.

A few examples:

The Democratic Travelers

The Democratic Travelers / Visit Site

On this self-assigned project, I worked with long-time friend Shane Zucker to design, brand and build a fully-custom web-app to take suggestions on where our traveling home and office should go on our tour around the United States. All the suggestions can be voted upon by any Joe Schmoe or Jane Doe: The Democratic Travelers go where the votes tell them to.

Eric Meola / Visit Site

Eric came to me needing a major overhaul of his outdated Flash-based website. He needed to show off his incredible photography, and he needed to do it on his shiny new iPad, too. I worked with artist/designer Chris Thompson to build him a site he could update with new work on his own schedule, and made it work consistently on desktops, tablets and phones alike.

The Etchings of Stephen Scott Young / Visit Site

The owners of artist Stephen Scott Young's main collection of copperplate etchings came to me looking for design and development of a new catalog site to promote the artwork. Mr. Young's work is well-known for its incredibly fine detail, so I came up with a design that would allow visitors to stick their virtual noses right up to the art and see the detail for themselves.

James Victore / Visit Site

James's is an example of a site where the client, an artist and designer (whose work is in MoMA's permanent collections and has been agitating folks for years) had a design already handy - they just needed it built out in a way that was fast, accessible and easily updated in-house.

Jay Maisel / Visit Site

Jay Maisel is one of the most respected advertising photographers in the world, with a career that spans nearly 60 years and just about every continent. In the year 2010, his website consisted of a single image of his studio and an email address. I put him online and for the first time ever made at least a small sampling of his massive portfolio available in an official way, integrating information about his workshops, a blog, and online print sales as well.

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